Salon M

Created as a new vision, a new experience, a new beginning, not only for myself but to share with some of the best talent that Orange County has to offer.

Maria Burt, Proprietress
Growing up I was obsessed with fashion, style and design.  I owned a huge collection of Vogue magazines and was constantly copying all of the hairstyles from them.  After beauty school I knew this was it, I haven’t looked back in over 25 years.
One of the first things I learned about this business was how important your interaction with your client is.  Everyday I look forward to the relationships I build with my clients through the physical nature of working with someone’s hair and helping them to realize their personal design goals.  Over the years I have come to rely on those relationships, there is a very intimate element to working with someone’s hair and style.  As my clients sit in my chair they teach me so much about life outside the salon and I love the variety this brings to my life, it feeds my soul.
In October of 2011 I came upon an opportunity to open my own salon and invite a group of stylists that I deeply admire to come work with me.  I hope you enjoy the new space as much as we do.  Now let me introduce you to the rest of the family here at Salon M. 

Shelli Labbate, Esthetician
Shelli is our highly talented skin care specialist here at Salon M. Beginning her career as an Esthetician in 2000 Shelli excels in her craft and has the expertise that I trust to choose only the healthiest products that truly bring you results. Shelli is a treat to work with, always brightening the room while maintaining a cool assurance that puts you right at ease.
For more information about the services she offers visit our Skin page.

Jen Lewis Pagano, Stylist
Jen has the biggest personality in the room.  I have worked with her for 15 of her 20 years as a hairstylist and I am constantly inspired by her.  Jen’s personal style is very unique and infectious, she knows how to make things happen and has a deep commitment to her clientele.  She can do wonders with short hair and she specializes in color, especially highlights.  Between her impeccable skills and years of experience she can do anything for your hair.

Jodie Boodman, Stylist
I have known Jodie throughout her 20 year career and she has continued to amaze me time and again.  Jodie has a natural hospitality and easily maintains strong, long lasting relationships with all of her clientele.  She specializes in curly hair, can perfect your color with ease, or completely transform your look with hair extensions.  When you need styling for a wedding or special event her experience and expertise really show.  Jodie has a big heart and is always actively committed and involved with her community.  With great attention to detail she brings energy and organization to Salon M.

Cheryl Watson, Stylist
Cheryl can nail the look.  With 11 years of experience here in Huntington Beach she has a natural curiosity about her proffession and excels at everything she does.  Cheryl is hip, confident, cool and collected.  But don’t let her laid back personality fool you, Cheryl is meticulous and always up on the trends.  She specializes in color and curly hair but whatever you’re looking for, she loves to do it all and does it well.

Jessica Bowland, Stylist
Jessica is ambitous, courageous, talented, and she can spot a trend before it hits.  With 10 years on the job Jessica has committed herself to her profession through extensive training with Aveda, Rusk, Goldwell, and Toni and Guy.  Jessica has a strong presence, she is grounded and professionally mature beyond her years.  Jessica is a top stylist who also offers extensions.
Here at Salon M we utilize many of Jessica’s talents and she graciously did the photography for this site.
For more about Jessica check out her Facebook page, Jessica Bowland Hairstylist

Julie Nomura, Stylist
Julie is a true hairdresser’s hairdresser.  She is one of the hardest working people I know.  Julie is classic, methodical, and almost mechanical.  She has a natural talent with integrity in her styling.  With a knack for transforming people, you can trust Julie with anything.  She is always hungry to perfect her skills and has dedicated herself to continued education including a seminar on cutting techniques with Nick Arrojo.  Julie also underwent training as a Goldwell Color Ambassador and trains others in using Goldwell products, she is a color genius.

Shannon Wiles, Stylist
Shannon is a very stylish individual.  She is the Elizabeth Taylor of Salon M.  Shannon’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for her work has driven her to continue her education with zeal over her 7 years of hairstyling experience.  She has completed training with Hairlocs and Yuko Training Academy as well as Goldwell color and cutting classes.  Shannon offers extensions, updos and special event styling as well as superb make-up to round out your look for that special occasion.  With a strong character, playful sense of humor and a great laugh Shannon is always a pleasure to have in the salon.

Rachael Ringer, Stylist
I have known Rachael since she was 3 years old.  I have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and an amazingly talented hairstylist.  Rachael has known she wanted to do hair since a very young age and has shown real passion and integrity for her profession.  She is very talented and can do anything, Rachael is not afraid to dive right in.  Over the last 5 years Rachael has really developed her skills as a hairdresser.  She shines when doing styling and updos for weddings and special events and she loves to help her clients find the perfect color and cut to fit their lifestyle.
To see some of her work check out her Facebook page, Rachael Ringer/ Hair Stylist

Jenny Page Hampton, Stylist
Jenny came to join us in November of 2011.  We are extremely fortunate that after 14 years of working as a hairstylist in Long Beach she decided to join us at Salon M.  I am so impressed with her work and her extremely happy clientele whom she brought with her.  Jenny has amazing drive, she is warm, intimate and exceptionally professional.  Jenny can do anything with hair and she loves doing weaves and color.  I immediately recognized that Jenny possesses a natural talent with hair and people.

Whitney Plummer, Stylist
Whitney is a seasoned professional within the community here in Huntington Beach.  As a 30 year veteran stylist he has worked with everyone in the area.  Whitney is a classic hairstylist, while staying up on the trends he has an amazing gift in keeping his work timeless and fashionable.  His love for and commitment to the industry aide him in his ability to blend stylish cuts with class and endurance.  It is my humble pleasure that he has decided to call Salon M his home.

Ali Plummer, Stylist
Salon M is proud to introduce Ali Plummer.  I have known Ali most of her life but as soon as I started working with her I immediately recognized her natural talent as a hairdresser.  Ali has a knack for finding the perfect look for her clients, she is truly motivated to find the natural harmony between style and functionality.  As the daughter of long time Huntington Beach stylist, Whitney Plummer, Ali was raised in salons and it shows.  She possesses a friendly, easy going attitude while seamlessly building a reputation as a serious and dedicated stylist who is eager to hone her skills and perfect her craft.  Ali recently completed a Cut and Color Seminar at the Goldwell Academy where she learned razor cutting with Nick Arrojo and the latest Goldwell color techniques.  I am proud to say that Ali has a bright career ahead of her.

Becky Kaufman, Stylist
With 8 years of experience Becky joined Salon M in October of 2012 moving her clientele from Long Beach. The first thing I noticed about Becky is that she makes her clients her number one priority at all times and her clients are extremely loyal as a result. Becky is a bright spot in the room and has the most infectious laugh. Her creativity and professional attitude complement her excellent skills as a stylist and she has made an important addition to our team. Becky loves working with color and weaves and has a lot of experience with bridal up-dos. To see some of her work visit her Facebook page, Hair by Becky Kaufman

Megyn Hicks, Stylist
With an infectious laugh and a bubbly personality, Megyn is hilarious and outgoing. She is not only comfortable in her own skin but equally comfortable at her stylist’s station. Megyn often works with long hair and achieves great results. She can transform your style with color and texture treatments and offers Keratin treatments as well as many different styles of extensions. The salon is always a little more lively and fun when Megyn is around.

Nic White, Stylist
A California native, Nic brings a little Hollywood to Salon M. He is a wonderful hairdresser, a professional and a gentleman. With great talent and meticulous attention to detail Nic excels with blonde hair, long hair and anything in between. A real charmer, Nic has big talent and lights up the room.

Hannah Perry, Stylist
An outstanding addition to our team, Hannah has a great eye which makes her a natural stylist. Hannah revels in seeing a client through a full transformation and walking out of the salon with a completely new look.  While maintaining a playful and positive environment Hannah is a mature and consummate professional. She is hungry and always looking to further her education and expand on her skill set. 

Lauren Flores, Front of House Manager
Lauren is an indispensable member of our team.  I rely on her easy, welcoming manner and irresistible smile when greeting our guests to help create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere here at Salon M.  She keeps the front running smoothly as our receptionist and retail specialist.  I have known and worked with Lauren for the past 6 years and I enjoy her capable and professional attitude.  Whatever you need when you call the salon or stop in Lauren is ready to help you.