Salon M

Created as a new vision, a new experience, a new beginning, not only for myself but to share with some of the best talent that Orange County has to offer.

Shelli Labbate is our resident Esthetician. She is an artist and the only person I trust to do my facials and brows. I have had the pleasure of working with her since the turn of the century in 2000 and she is simply amazing.  I feel so honored to have her as a member of the team, I can always count on her attention to detail, commitment to her clients, and dedication to cleanliness.

Shelli uses Jan Marini skin care products exclusively for facials. She chose it for several reasons, the most important being that it gets the best results.  Jan Marini facial care products, made in San Jose, California, use a clinically proven layered technology that works for all skin types. It restores the skin and helps to work against the effects of aging and sun damage by using the first topically absorbed, lipid soluble, Vitamin C.
After more than a decade of experience using many skincare products I trust Shelli’s judgement that Jan Marini stands apart from the rest, delivering benefits for the skin and results for our clients.

Shelli has now added the revolutionary Lightstim technology to her select retinue of skin care options. Adapted from lightwave technology created by NASA to treat injuries in space, Lightstim is the leading edge of LED light therapy used to relieve your skin of wrinkles or reduce the occurence of acne. It is a simple application of a lamp at a specified light wave therapy that is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or, with a different light spectrum, can reduce the occurence of acne.


Express 60

Back    75

European    85

European with Glycolic   95

Specialty Treatments   20

Microdermabrasion   100-115

*Lightstim 25 extra


Eyebrow   22

Lip/ Chin   12-17

Underarm   22

Arm   30 half/ 50 full

Back   70-95

Half Leg   45-65

Full Leg   65-90

Full Leg with Bikini   95-125

Bikini   40

Extended Bikini, Brazilian   50-65

Eyebrow Tinting   22

Eyelash Tinting   40

*prices are subject to change