Salon M

Created as a new vision, a new experience, a new beginning, not only for myself but to share with some of the best talent that Orange County has to offer.

Salon M has room to grow and we are always on the lookout for new members to the team.
My goal with Salon M is to create a supportive and community minded environment for local stylists. We have created a professional and engaging space ideal for building a long-lasting and strong clientele.
We are committed to maintaining a positive work space for us and our clientele. That means being professional as well as a member of the team, above all we thrive when we communicate openly and honestly.
I am also committed to providing continued education for all stylists at Salon M and we will be welcoming guest instructors from many venues brought from around the country.

We invite stylists from Orange County with an established clientele to come into the salon for a tour.
You should be completely committed to your profession and your clientele. We are a committed group but we are all constantly striving to be the best and deliver the best experience possible for everyone who walks through our doors at Salon M.
If you would like to visit and get some more information please call the salon and ask for Maria. We look forward to meeting you.